Or Why I Defended Chrissy Teigen (But Don’t Anymore)

Left: Chrissy Teigen, Right: Courtney Stodden

The fetishization of bi-partisanship is killing progress

Source: Time Magazine

Courtney Love, Taylor Swift, Fiona Apple and the damning double standards of the music industry

From left to right: Courtney Love, Taylor Swift, Fiona Apple

Performative displays of allyship are no substitute for substantive activism

source: Wikimedia

Since Andrew Cuomo was accused of misconduct, numerous suspicious accounts have arisen to support him

Source of photo: Zach Seward on Flickr

Black squares, Instagram infographics and “google it”

Credit: ‘@soyouwanttotalkabout’ for 3 of the above graphics

Why Trump’s 2016 opponents became his loudest supporters and why their grand plan isn’t paying off

Reflections on police brutality and a message to fellow white allies

Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Adam Toledo and Breonna Taylor (all pictured above) have been killed by members of law enforcement since the beginning of 2020

Is it misguided to expect that we can party away our year of COVID blues?

From: Tumisu on Pixabay

Sarah Everard and society’s failures to protect women

Photo source: Tom Sandroy, ‘Pexels’

Tom Williams

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