Is it misguided to expect that we can party away our year of COVID blues?

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As the world celebrated the start of a new year — and a new decade — a little over 15 months ago, many hoped for a new ‘Roaring 20s’; a repeat of the extravagant, hedonistic, Gatsby-esque, party-filled days of the 1920s. Few of course hoped for —or expected — a repeat of a deadly, global pandemic; the sort that directly preceded and informed the roaring days of the 1920s.

Nevertheless, here we are, and after a gruelling year spent in and out of lockdowns and isolation, the end of the pandemic is finally in sight; with millions getting vaccinated on…

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Sarah Everard and society’s failures to protect women

Photo source: Tom Sandroy, ‘Pexels’

The case of Sarah Everard has captured the attention of Britain in a way that few disappearances do; provoking days of headlines and round-the-clock TV coverage. There was something grotesquely gripping, and almost surreal, about watching the truth about Everard finally unfold; first that she was missing, then that it was suspected she had been kidnapped — and by a serving police officer no less — then that a body had been found, and shortly later that the body was in fact hers; discarded thoughtlessly in the woods.

The case has elicited such a strong visceral reaction because of just…

Meghan Markle, Piers Morgan and, Britons denial of their country’s racism epidemic

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she says”, “I wouldn’t believe her if she read me a weather report”. That was the obviously not-“sorry” response from British morning show host Piers Morgan to Meghan Markle’s “tell all” Oprah interview; in which she disclosed her suicidal tendencies and concerns about her baby’s safety, among other issues. That same morning, Morgan would once again flippantly dismiss the concerns of a person-of-color when he walked off set while a co-host confronted him about his treatment of Markle. …

The danger of looking for saviors where there aren’t any

Photo source: StockSnap on Pixabay

The Trump years were many things; exhausting, frustrating, disheartening, alarming and almost always bizarre. But, despite all of this — despite the objectionable Supreme Court nominations, immoral immigration policies and unhinged Twitter rants — the Trump years never felt hopeless; even as Trump himself rendered any hopes of the GOP being a reasonable, moderate party hopeless.

For as awful as Trump’s Presidency was, it was accompanied by the rising up of the rightfully-angry; students standing up for gun control, young people fighting against climate change and, Black Americans and their allies protesting against police brutality. By fanning the flames of…

Tom Cruise, deep fakes and our disintegrating relationship with the truth

If, like me, you’ve spent any significant period of time on social media over the last week, you’ve likely seen ‘deepfake Tom Cruise’ — a series of videos first created on TikTok that depict Cruise playing golf, performing magic and talking directly to the camera. Accept they’re not Tom Cruise; they’re an anonymous person superimposing Tom Cruise’s face onto their own; surpassing the uncanny valley and creating something frighteningly familiar and accurate.

The Cruise videos have attracted millions of views on social media, but they’re certainly not the first time this technology has been utilised. Jordan Peele used the…

Before it was the party of Trump, the GOP was the party of Limbaugh

Source: Gage Skidmore on Flickr

I have to confess that during Rush Limbaugh’s multi-decade career, I never watched his show or paid much attention to what he was doing and saying — mainly because I’m not a masochist, but also because following the actions of one bigoted narcissist has been more than enough for the last four years. Like most people I was aware of Limbaugh’s general political leanings and his role as a provocateur. In the weeks after Limbaugh’s death, my social media feed was filled with reminders of Limbaugh’s most outrageous moments — some I was already familiar with, some I wasn’t —…

…And his enablers

In May of last year, Chris Cuomo had his brother, the Governor of New York, on his prime time show; where the two joked about the ongoing COVID pandemic. Chris played a video of the elder Cuomo getting swabbed for the virus and joked about Andrew needing a bigger swab because of the size of his nose; with Chris proceeding to bring out a series of ever-larger novelty swabs to drive his point home.

At the time, New York was being ravaged by Coronavirus harder than any other state in America. Governor Cuomo, having first resisted calls to lockdown, had…

The threat of Trumpism isn’t gone, it’s greater than ever

Watching the insurrection unfold live on January 6th was horrifying enough in it’s own right: it was and will always be incredibly jarring to watch rioters forcibly break into the Capitol, occupy the Speaker’s desk and proudly parade the Confederate flag — a symbol of hatred and treachery — down those hallowed halls. Yet, it would take days — and in some cases, weeks — until the full horror of the ordeal would become clear. In the aftermath of the attack, we would learn of the complicity of members of the police in the attack and how the rioters got…

Trump was not an aberration, he was as much a symptom as he was a cause and the Republican Party will not simply return to sanity because he’s gone

source: GDJ on Pixabay

When Donald Trump left the White House on January 20th, it was easy to take a sigh of relief and feel like, for the first time in four years, that everything was going to be alright. As Biden got on stage at the inauguration to give a refreshingly vanilla speech and Trump stood silenced in Mar-A-Lago — having been banned from all large social media sites, it felt like we had finally escaped the fever dream of the last four years. Yet, beneath this hue of hope was the reality that not just were the problems that had created Trump…

The Biden Presidency doesn’t mean we can go back to normal, but it does mean we can breathe for a moment

The inauguration of Joe Biden was simultaneously a representation of normalcy and, a reminder of the unprecedented situation America finds itself in. On the one hand, you had a Republican Senator — Roy Blunt — deliver remarks so conventional that they’d make you forget that the Republican Party, at large, spent the last three months trying to overturn the results of the election and, you had the President himself promise “unity” and “opportunity” in a refreshingly cookie-cutter speech that was a far cry from the American carnage remarks given four years ago to that day by then-President Trump.

You didn’t…

Tom Williams

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